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 Cinco Antioch

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Cinco Antioch Cinco_10
Cinco Antioch
"Welcome to Hell. And I'm the Devil."

Name: Cinco Antioch
Gender: Male
Age: 47
Height: 6'1"
Affiliation: Azure Earth Organization
Rank: Lieutenant

Personality and Traits:
-Rowdy and arrogant, Cinco Antioch is the headache of his superiors. He comes to work late, often drunk, and sometimes with lipstick marks all over his collar. This carefree attitude of his hides his deep feelings of regret and anger. Despite being AEO's numero-uno ace pilot, he dislikes war and wants it to end.

His flamboyant and cocky persona sometimes rubs on to his students, something which he admits they shouldn't emulate. As a drill instructor, he can be tough to younger soldiers, but he also likes to bond with them over a drink as soon as the day is over. 

Friendship is something that Cinco treasures a lot. He has many friends, even though they may not openly admit it. He also hates issuing commands from the ship, and for that reason he has turned down many promotions. Almost 2 decades in the service, Cinco remained a Lieutenant, preferring to go out on sorties with his fellow soldiers than barking orders to them.

-Cinco Antioch is arguably the best pilot in the AEO. His kill record since the First Lunar War erupted is unrivaled at 296 mobile suits, and 83 warships. It is an impressive record that remains virtually unchallenged despite the lapse of 10 years.

Coming from a middle-class family in the Philippines, Cinco dreamed of nothing but the stars. Since he was a boy he liked to pretend that he was a fighter pilot, a dream he realized later on. When the mobile suits were introduced, Cinco quickly learned how to use them. He used a Cirrus, and later in LC 209, was handpicked to test AEO's powerful prototype - the Exceed Gundam.

During his time piloting the Exceed, he became known as the "White Devil of AEO" and racked up several victories against AEO's enemies. The suit was too powerful and too straining on the pilot, and so it was shelved and the Gundam project was reopened with the weaker, but more user-friendly Beat Gundam.

A grim chapter in history changed Cinco's life forever. Cinco's best friend died during a colony attack, and it put him into great depression. He quit the service temporarily, and started a family. As the war raged on however, he was called upon to instruct the new generation of Gundam pilots, a task which he accepted with some reservations.

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Cinco Antioch Msl_ba10
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Cinco Antioch
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