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 Sokolov "Six-Ten" Vatuuhl

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PostSubject: Sokolov "Six-Ten" Vatuuhl   Sun Jan 31, 2016 11:18 pm

"We are the last survivors."

NAME: Sokolov "Six-Ten" Vatuuhl
AGE: 34
HEIGHT: 6 feet, 10 inches
WEIGHT: 252 pounds

FACTION: Warpack

APPEARANCE:  Sokolov, or Six-Ten as he is known in reference to his towering height, is a large brute of a man. He is not only very tall, but also quite massive. His frequent trips to the gym have enlarged his muscles and made him appear more intimidating than he actually is. He is most commonly seen wearing a brown jacket that has stretched to accommodate his size. 

PERSONALITY / TRAITS: On the surface, Six-Ten looks like he's going to eat an average person, but that's far from what he actually is. He is a gentle giant, and also quite the smart guy. Six-Ten has a great knowledge of explosives and mobile suit operating systems. Programming and hacking are just some of his skills. He is also a very vocal person, especially about politics. In his spare time, Six-Ten can be found playing basketball with younger Warpack pilots, and offers them keen advice on how to use their mobile suits. Whenever a Warpack pilot dies in action, Six-Ten genuinely takes it hard and absorbs the negative emotions to himself.

HISTORY: Born Sokolov Vatuuhl, Six-Ten as he is more often called, was a soldier of Zeitgeist. He used to be a very hot-blooded young man who takes pride in collecting kills, until he realized that he too, was just being used as a tool, a convenient excuse to declare war. This is what made him hesitant to join any particular group after he left Zeitgeist.

But a man named "Boss Chief" showed Six-Ten that he can fight for the right reason, and that reason was to wage a war against all wars.Thus, he was convinced to join the Warpack. Initially, Six-Ten was taken aback at the intense ideologies that the Warpack boys had, but in time, he realized that the Warpack isn't just a faction. It was a family.
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PostSubject: Re: Sokolov "Six-Ten" Vatuuhl   Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:02 am


Welcome to Warpack

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Sokolov "Six-Ten" Vatuuhl
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