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The Shadow of Dos Leviticus

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The Shadow of Dos Leviticus

Post by Lalionus on Sat Jan 30, 2016 2:45 pm


Dos Leviticus was built by the Zeitgeist Union with the help of the Jouva Trading group. It was used, like many other asteroids, as a resource mining base. Given its position in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, it was also used as a stopping point for the Jouva Trading Group during its interplanetary trips.

The very mention of this massive asteroid fortress brings forth feelings of pride for Zeitgeist, and at the same time rouses hatred and fear among its enemies. Filled with an endless battery of laser cannons and multitudes of mobile suit platoons, this colossal construct is truly nigh-impenetrable.

In spite of its sheer magnitude (140 kilometers at its widest point), the fortress had a very secretive construction. Zeitgeist was preparing for an ultimate attack against the Azure Earth Organization, and to do so, they needed to build a giant fortress in space. Zeitgeist had actually found unexpected help from Jouva Trading Group defectors, in exchange for portions of Earth to occupy after AEO's defeat. The giant helium ships from Jupiter provided fuel and rocks. Dos Leviticus was finally finished on L.C. 208.

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