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Gavin Riot

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Gavin Riot

Post by Gavin Riot on Mon Jan 25, 2016 3:46 pm

AGE: 21
HEIGHT: 6'3"
WEIGHT: 186 lbs

FACTION: Azure Earth Organization

APPEARANCE: Smug-looking face with a twisted grin. He's a tall and lanky guy but he's strong for his build. He has a penchant for improperly wearing his uniform.†

PERSONALITY / TRAITS:Gavin is an in-your-face type of fighter. Heís no stranger to bar room brawls and street scuffles. Gavin was a good fighter, both in and out of a mobile suit. Heís not above using dirty tricks to score a win, like bringing a knife to a fist fight, and in a knife fight, heíll bring a gun. His reckless, impulsive attitude is seen as a detriment by his comrades but his superiors have recognized is ferocious fighting ability.

When Gavin is intoxicated, itís hard to get him to follow orders. Twice heís been reprimanded for flipping the bird on his COís. After a hard and sweaty day in the mobile suit or in the track oval, Gavin loves to refresh at night at the beer house with ladies. Heís got a low opinion of Zeitgeist soldiers and refuses to see prisoners as people.†

HISTORY:Gavin Riot: a man of adventure and thrills. Growing up in a farm, he had nothing to do, except stare at the big blue sky. He dreamt of becoming an exceptional mobile suit pilot, a soldier seeking fame and fortune. He studied in Texas until he was in high school, and in college he got accepted to a prestigious AEO training academy, where he quickly rose up to be one of the most talented recruits.

The harsh training at the facility changed Gavinís outlook forever. He used to be bright and idealistic, but now heís just a brash guy with an appetite for pleasure and women, and wreaking havoc with mobile suits. He was thrilled when he learned about the ship Armada Siguion Reyna and the elite forces that served there, hoping one day he'll get the privilege to be stationed aboard it.
Gavin Riot
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Re: Gavin Riot

Post by Lalionus on Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:53 am


Welcome to the†Azure Earth Organization.†

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