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Boss Chief

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Boss Chief

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:28 pm

Boss Chief

Name: Boss Chief
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Height: 6'3"
Affiliation: Warpack
Rank: Leader of the Warpack

Personality and Traits: Boss Chief strongly believes that a revolutionary government is necessary, in order to topple both the Azure Earth Organization and the Zeitgeist Union. He hates both warring sides and thinks that they are both corrupt. 

To his soldiers, he can come off as a very intimidating person. Most of them however, revere him and see a father figure in him. Boss Chief can be strict, but he is within reason. He is also a skilled mobile suit pilot, and in spite of not having much resources at his disposal, he is a sound tactician and excellent field commander.

History: The man known as "Boss Chief" is shrouded in mystery. Authorities from both Zeitgeist and AEO believe that he is the same terrorist responsible for assassinating Isshin Yaho, and the same one that bombed some colonies that resulted in the deaths of millions. He has been accused of conspiring with Zeitgeist that time to sow terror against the AEO.

The Warpack that he founded is a reactionary force that attempts to overthrow both major governments. Boss Chief has rallied thousands of disgruntled citizens both from Earth and Space. Their army may be small but their use of guerilla tactics and other sneaky countermeasures, have earned them major victories against the mighty Azure Earth Organization, as well as against Zeitgeist.

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