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 Jin Muraki

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Jin Muraki Jinsei10

Jin Muraki

Name: Jin Muraki
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Height: 5’8” (1.73 m)
Affiliation: Azure Earth Organization
Rank: Chairman of the Azure Earth Organization

Personality and Traits: Jin Muraki is known as a stern but just leader. He does not possess his predecessor Isshin Yaho’s youth, nor charisma, but he makes up for it with his knowledge and experience.  Most importantly, Jin Muraki looks for peace and doesn't take after the genocidal expectations of the upper ranks of the AEO Military.

His words are intended to move individuals to take after his goals of an immaculate world without war. Muraki is seen as a craftiness strategist who dependably thinks ahead about his foes. Notwithstanding, Muraki is likewise ready to oppose and silence those who threaten the Azure Earth Organization.

History: Jin Muraki was conceived on Earth, the only child of the House Muraki’s patriarch Shingen and his wife Musume. He was brought up in his family's estate in La Coeur, situated in France.

Even as a boy, Muraki distinguished himself as not quite the same as his friends and schoolmates, perceiving an even greater calling inside of himself, and trusting that he was destined to become a leader. Insightful and very driven, Muraki  sought a  more dynamic part in the Azure Earth Organization’s issues to strengthen it especially after the assassination of Isshin Yaho..

After then-Chairman Isshin Yaho died, Jin Muraki was appointed as successor. He has effected stronger policies but looked out for the welfare of his own people. He is responsible for signing the bill that upgraded the AEO’s mobile suits as well as being considered as the “father” of the Gundam Project.

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Jin Muraki
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