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Jouva Trading Group

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Jouva Trading Group

Post by Ananke Philotes on Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:48 pm

The Jouva Trading Group was founded in L.C. 121 in order to gather hydrogen, helium≥ and methane from the Jovian atmosphere of Planet Jupiter, to be used by the Earth and the space colonies and their resource satellites. They are evidently independent and generally overlooked by the people of the Earth Sphere.

Because of the heavy use of the nuclear reactors in colonies, mobile suits and warships, the general population of the Lunar Century has entry to safe and usable power. On the other hand, these reactors are powered by an uncommon helium-3 isotope, a basic component in fusion combination, which is just about non-existent on Earth.

This valuable combination in this fuel is gathered from the climate of the planet Jupiter, and is then taken back to the Earth circle by a non-administrative association known as the Jouva Trading Group, which works an armada of Inter-Planetary Helium Carriers.

The helium-3 supplied by Jouva Trading Group is a crucial asset in this period of space settlement and even during wartime, its vessels are shielded from assaults by inter-planetary and inter-colonial laws. The Jouva Trading Group, thus, is in fact impartial; however its fuel syndication gives it enough influence to permit it to apply extensive political clout.
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