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PostSubject: THE BLACK MARKET   Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:32 pm

The newbie’s guide to the most lucrative, yet most dangerous market out there.

“Surely, you’ve heard of the Black Market. Where anything can be bought for a price. If you can’t pay in Omz, then they’ll make you pay in other ways. Make sure you have the money or the stars will be bathed in your blood…”


The notorious Black Market has been out there for about a hundred years. Nobody really knows who established it, or how it came about, but it exists. The underground market has branches all over Earth and Space and they are not ones to be trifled with. Even the mighty Azure Earth Organization has learned that it is best to tolerate their presence.

All sorts of goods and wares can be found in the Black Market. From artificial limbs, to high-end custom mobile suits, “they’ve got it all for you.” The Black Market has trading posts as close to the sun as Venus, and far out, they reach Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons.

Another valuable thing that can be purchased here is information. The Black Market employs spies and pirates, which can be handy when you want someone observed, or hunted and killed. Be wary though, as they can charge cutthroat prices for their services.

The small-time traders of the Market can be easily accessed, but the big fish have a strict policy of “don’t-call-us, we’ll-call-you.” Of course, this makes things easier for bounty hunters and treasure seekers, as the Black Market does have a way of finding out if you’ve scored a good catch. They’ll give you a fine price for your items, but don’t attempt to lowball them. Unless you want to end up drifting in space, naked and dismembered.

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