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Zeitgeist: The Wolves and the Flower

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Zeitgeist: The Wolves and the Flower

Post by KaraShiranui on Sat Jan 16, 2016 10:14 pm

Ever since the bloody conflict known as the First Lunar War began, the Zeitgeist Union longed for peace and equality. A prominent part of the Zeitgeist propaganda is the search for the “Lost Paradise”, an ideal utopia where people can live in peace. Central to this dogma, is the firm belief that all obstacles to freedom must be eliminated. This includes the Azure Earth Organization, and the terrorist faction that is known as the Warpack.

To accomplish this dream, and to rally the people of space to their side, the Zeitgeist Union created a symbol of hope. The threat of the Azure Earth Organization, manifested by their sheer number and their super-weapon, the Armada Siguion Reyna, has threatened space colonists for decades.

The answer: an elite mobile suit team, the Aesir Wolves. The team has been active for a decade, but many of its members are already dead, or retired. Zeitgeist sought to train a new batch of “Wolves” that will be assigned to their brand new warship, the Mother Lily.

This time, Zeitgeist Union became increasingly desperate to win, especially now that the Azure Earth Organization finally developed a successor unit in the Nimbus. Wanting to ensure victory, Zeitgeist Union began to enlist the help of the Ellida Institute, a mysterious research group that dabbled in pseudo-sciences such as ESP and psychokinesis.

Ellida Institute laid out its program about Cyber-Ascendants, an attempt to replicate the fabled powers of Ascendants, who were people with high-spatial awareness and gifts of precognition. In a war where striking first is crucial, mere possession of this power can spell the difference between winning and losing, life, and death.

The Zeitgeist Union has now placed its hopes in the new pilots of the Aesir Wolves and the Mother Lily. For the colonists needed something to place their prayers in, and now, they can believe in the Wolves, and the Flower that will lead them to the future, to the Paradise that they've been seeking for so long.

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