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The Queen of Battleships

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The Queen of Battleships

Post by B.R.O. on Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:33 pm

The Queen of Battleships
“Armada Siguion Reyna”

The Azure Earth Organization employs many weapons to fight the Zeitgeist Union and other terrorist forces that stand in their way of peace and order. One such weapon is the kilometer-long battlecruiser, A.E.O.’s flagship, the Armada Siguion Reyna.

The Armada Siguion Reyna is known as the Queen of Battleships, and she possesses enough power to take on a fleet on her own, unaided. Armed with hundreds of missile-launching bays, laser turrets, and a powerful giga-particle cannon, she serves as  the symbol of A.E.O.’s might.

Due to the Armada Siguion Reyna’s size, she can be vulnerable to many attacks. In the event that her armaments are not enough, the ship can deploy up to fifty mobile suits, all fully-armed and fueled. Only the A.E.O.’s best are allowed to serve aboard the Armada Siguion Reyna as pilots, meaning all MS housed within the warship are manned by aces. For an A.E.O. soldier, being assigned to the Siguion Reyna is the highest form of honor.

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