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 The Azure Earth Organization

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PostSubject: The Azure Earth Organization   Sat Jan 16, 2016 9:30 pm

Two hundred years prior, humanity swung to the stars for its future. The Earth was extremely overpopulated, and subsequently, there was a requirement for development to space. Lunar Century 001 was the year that the space colonies were initially built. In time, the bunches of colonies extended to five Lagrange focuses around the planet.
Alongside this advancement, there was a requirement for another government, and in this way, the Azure Earth Organization was conceived. The new government had been set up keeping in mind the end goal to direct all exercises both on Earth and in space. In time, the well-off individuals of the Earth started to force their will on the weaker states, compelling them to do a significant part of the diligent work without profiting.
The Azure Earth Organization utilized a tight hold on the settlements, legitimized by the way that they may fail the Earth and announce another country. In any case, that is precisely what happened. After the foundation of Zeitgeist Union, there turned into a severe war between the AEO and the space settlers.
With AEO's Chairman, Isshin Yaho, dead, another pioneer was chosen. His name was Jin Muraki, a generally youthful, however alluring person. Muraki headed the new government, and endeavored to stop the war, yet it was past the point of no return. The battling had as of now started, and the flames of defiance was difficult to control. With no other option, Chairman Muraki weaponized his powers and regulated the improvement of AEO's new mass-created machine, the Nimbus.
The Nimbus effortlessly supplanted the maturing Cirrus and because of it, the AEO could now battle back the adversary. But, the dangers originated from all directions. Another steady persistent issue for AEO is the terrorist group, the Warpack.
Before long, the Nimbus was insufficient. The AEO started to chip away at another model of Mobile Suit. Named, "Beat Gundam," the new outline was furnished on three Nimbus units. The Gundam however was more than only a super-Nimbus, it was something more.

Jin Muraki by and by picked three youthful pilots, every one of them with no related knowledge in battle, to wind up test pilots for the Gundams. This move was met with unforgiving feedback from the AEO military, however the Chairman had other plans.

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The Azure Earth Organization
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