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A history written in blood

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A history written in blood

Post by Lalionus on Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:23 am

The dawn of the First Lunar War

The colonies have been subject to A.E.O. sovereignty ever since they were funded. In L.C. 186, a man named Efren Gravebrood stepped up to defend the colonies from what they perceived as “tyrannical rule” by the A.E.O.

Gravebrood’s rules were widely embraced by many of the colony nations, and in order to strengthen their defense against the Earth, they banded together. This gave rise to the Zeitgeist Union. As a self-declared sovereign state, Zeitgeist propagated ideas of equality, and advancement for the people of space.

In order to do so, Zeitgeist, under the leadership of Gravebrood, seceded from the A.E.O. and rejected the ruling body’s excessive taxation and rampant corruption. Naturally, the A.E.O. opposed. With 40% of all space colonies defecting  to Zeitgeist, A.E.O. decided to show off its force.

A.E.O. rolled out its first mobile suits, the Cirrus, in L.C. 190. Unfazed, Zeitgeist publicly denounced the A.E.O., exposing their dirty secrets. To counter this move by the colonists, A.E.O. decided to seize La Carrickfergian, an important Zeitgeist space colony.

Zeitgeist was only armed with a jet fighters, and tanks, and thus they had no chance of winning against the heavily armored and versatile mobile suits of the A.E.O. They refrained from conflict until they finally got the chance to develop their mobile suits, the Prawn in L.C. 203.

A.E.O.’s Chairman, Isshin Yaho, was killed by a sniper on July 5, L.C. 206. The incident was quickly followed by a chain of bombings in several A.E.O. bases across Earth. These sequence of events triggered what is now known as the First Lunar War.

Sensing a perfect opportunity to strike, Zeitgeist attacked major A.E.O. cities and colonies. Left without a charismatic leader, A.E.O. struggled for months. The tide of the battle was changed with the arrival of a newly-elected A.E.O. chairman and the roll-out of the latest A.E.O. suits, the Nimbus series.

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