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 The tale of the Lunar Century

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PostSubject: The tale of the Lunar Century   Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:02 am

“He dreamed of a better world. But his dream was ended with a single bullet…”


It was the tenth year of the First Lunar War. In L.C. 206, then A.E.O. Chairman, Isshin Yaho, was felled from a lone sniper’s bullet. The tragic incident, witnessed by billions of people all across Earth and space, will forever be etched in humanity’s collective history.

Ten years have passed, and the war sees no end in sight. The death toll since the dawn of the war is at billions. Countless lives have perished, and more than a hundred space colonies have been destroyed. Both the Azure Earth Organization (A.E.O.) and the Zeitgeist union kept hurling weapons toward one another.

These weapons, giant humanoid fighting machines called Mobile Suits, caused more deaths in human history than any other weapon. Mobile suits fought on all fronts: from land to sea, and from air, to outer space. These highly-adaptable gears of war changed the battlefield since they first appeared in L.C. 190.

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The tale of the Lunar Century
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