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 Lord Humongous

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PostSubject: Lord Humongous   Lord Humongous EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 6:01 am

NAME: The Warrior of the Wasteland! The Aytollah of Rock'n'ROLLA, LORD HUMONGOUS

Lord Humongous 169223t

TYPE: action figure

HEIGHT: 7 inches

Plastic raider's axe
plastic revolver that uses bullets cast from melted tin soldiers.



Lord Humongous was not always known by that name, a long time ag o he was once known as "Ken" a handsome if somewhat ordinary doll who lived in the playroom. While a bit of a coward at times "Ken" was a good, law abiding citzen of the playroom who had a wife and child whoe he loved dearly. Then one day not soon after the car crash crossed the path of Jin. The eerily beautiful doll easily subdued "Ken" and then offered him a choice. He was forced to either take his own life, or that of his wife and child.

Safe in the confines of the Playroom, "Ken" had neved been faced with this sort oflife and death dilema, he had never ben forced to choose what was really important to him. He chose life, namely his own. He made their deaths' as quick and painless as he could, and soon after he followed Jin underground where he was "turned into" a true denizen of the Basement.

Now as Lord Humongous he serves as a recruiter of sorts for the Basement. He wanders the house hunting for lone toys and raiding vulenerable settlements. Those unlucky enough to survive his attacks are dragged off underground were they are tortued to death or madness.

He is a coward through and through and does what he must to survive. He knows his actions are completely abhorrent and evil, he simply doesn't care as long as it buyshim just a econd more of life he'll do what must be done. He is cunning and ruthless, but surprisngly not cruel (at least by Basemnt standards). To him pain, torture, and fear are mere means to an end; if something resembling kindness or diplomacy will get him what he wants he'll have no qualms about "playing nice".

In battle he is an oppurtunist, hanging to the rear and the shadows while his goons and allies force open an oppurtunity for him to strike out with either his raider's axe or his prized plastic revolver.

DESCRIPTION: He no longer possess any of the beauty he once possessed in his former life. Instead his entire body has become a scarred and pitted mass of leathery burnt plastic. He wears a studded leather harness and a "metal" mask to hide the remains of his one handsome face.


STAT POINTS: 24 (This value is fixed for regular players except certain admin and mod characters)

(allocate your stats accordingly. It must total to 24 (for regular players).
--HP: 8
--POWER: 6

1. Raider's Axe
--POWER: 6
--RANGE: 1

2. Revolver w tin soldier bullet
--POWER: 2
--RANGE: 4
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PostSubject: Re: Lord Humongous   Lord Humongous EmptyTue Jul 31, 2012 4:00 pm

So he was formerly a Ken doll? That got too much into BSDM... APPROVED!

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Lord Humongous
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