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 Risa Fontaine

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PostSubject: Risa Fontaine   Risa Fontaine EmptyThu Jul 26, 2012 10:55 pm

Risa Fontaine Risamo10

NAME:Risa Fontaine

TYPE: Anime Figurine

HEIGHT: 5.6 Inches

WEAPON: Fists, Feet


-Risa is a self-proclaimed "heroine of justice", a hot-blooded girl toy who acts as if she is a superhero who has the duty of protecting others from danger. She especially likes to imitate characters from Kamen Rider and Dragon Ball Z; fortunately, she manages to pull it off due to her flexible joints, and her quick reflexes which was a product of her constant exercise and training, which involves practicing judo, wrestling, boxing and other forms of martial arts. More often than not, Risa also shows a tendency for being extremely perverted with the words she use. She is also swears a lot, like a drunken pirate.

Back in the day, Risa was one of the deceased girl's favorite toys. She was among the toys that were frequently played with. In return, Risa loved her owner very much. When her owner wasn't around, Risa would clean all the tables and desks of the room by herself.

When the little girl died, Risa was enveloped by extreme loneliness too, like everyone else. However, she realized that her owner wasn't coming back, and so she tried to move on, trying to convince the other toys to look forward to the future, to live happy, as that is what their master would have wanted.

-Risa is based on the titular character of the hit anime Risamonogatari. The most noticeable trait about Risa is her bright red hair, and her pink jacket. Her hair-clip is shaped like a fried egg. She is about 5.6" inches tall, not counting the funny strand of hair sticking from the top of her head. She is very flexible thanks to the way she was made, and her ball-joints allow a great range of motion. Her skirt and jacket is made of a soft material that allows her to achieve poses without ruining her sculpt.

Though petite, Risa is a formidable fighter with lots of power. She can punch holes through thick boxes, break three layers of popsicle sticks in a single chop, and jump almost two feet into the air. Considering her being less than half of a foot tall, these feats are incredible. In the Hunter's Den, she has built a reputation of wrestling much bigger toys to the ground just to prove her point.


STAT POINTS: 24 (This value is fixed for regular players except certain admin and mod characters)

(allocate your stats accordingly. It must total to 24 (for regular players).
--HP: 10
--POWER: 8

1. Fight
--POWER: 8
--RANGE: 1

2. Flying Kick
--POWER: 5
--RANGE: 3
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PostSubject: Re: Risa Fontaine   Risa Fontaine EmptyFri Jul 27, 2012 12:17 am


You have returned! This is beyond words. Welcome back!


_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____
Risa Fontaine KshatryNastume

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Risa Fontaine
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