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 Roronoa Zoro

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PostSubject: Roronoa Zoro   Roronoa Zoro EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 3:18 pm

Roronoa Zoro Roronoa_zoro

Name: Roronoa Zoro
Manufacturer: Megahouse
Series: One Piece
Material: PVC
Height: 8.75 inches
Allegiance: Playroom Toys
Weapons: Wado Ichimonji, Shusui, and Sandai Kitetsu (his 3 katana)

A gift from the collector father to his son, who was at the time an avid fan of Jump manga and anime such as One Piece, he was given to the son with one instruction, "Don't remove it from the box". He was given as a start to what he expected would be his son's collection. Put on a shelf and stuck in his box, he was only able to watch the outside world, but from there he was able to see character he was based off of, and learn his fighting style and dreams. He had always wondered why he had 3 swords, and it had became clear to him then.

This continued on for a little while, but one day the son couldn't resist the temptation and opened the box, pulling him out of the plastic and cardboard prison to enjoy and touch. He played with him for a bit and then hid him and his box under the bed. The very next day, the father had come in and seen that the figure was no longer on the shelf and asked to see it. The young boy showed it and the opened box to his father, who got upset. He yelled at the boy to get in the car and they would discuss it along the way, the father then took Zoro to the playroom saying he was just a toy now.

That was the day of the accident, and he couldn't shake that maybe he was involved, was the father being upset and talking it out with his son a contributor to the accident? He would never know. He decided to never mention this to the other toys in the Playroom and kept himself isolated in a room he had been given. He recently though had been helping out in the efforts of the Playroom toys to fight back the Empire.

The thought that he may have had a connection to the accident had left him rigid and serious. The guilt making him a bit distanced. In these ways he was similiar at times to the character he was based off. In the recent days where he has been assisting in the conflict, he had shown great leadership and tenacity. It had been some time since the accident and he is starting to heal and come out more.

Points 24

Movement: 4
Defense: 4

1. Demon Slash
--POWER: 8
--RANGE: 1

2. Demonic Raven
--POWER: 4
--RANGE: 4
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PostSubject: Re: Roronoa Zoro   Roronoa Zoro EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 3:58 pm


Comment: You're good to play. Welcome to the playroom, you jolly pirate! Just remember to place nice and not use your swords on innocent toys!

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Roronoa Zoro
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