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 Zero of the Playroom WIP

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Zero of the Playroom WIP Empty
PostSubject: Zero of the Playroom WIP   Zero of the Playroom WIP EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 1:51 pm

Zero of the Playroom WIP Rah_913035

NAME: "Zero" Kamen Rider Kaixa

TYPE: Action Figure

HEIGHT: 7.8 inches (very close to 8 inches)

Melee: Kaixa Blaygun (Sword Form)
Ranged: EXCEED Charge

Zero with his two combinable Swords

ALLEGIANCE: Playroom (Neutral)

PERSONALITY and HISTORY: Ordered By an avid collector of Figures during his last days before his accident with most of his family due to his sudden interest in the Kamen RIder Series. Zero had made his way into his owner’s home but only after his supposed owner died in an accident with his children days ago. As sad as it would seem, He was left unopened by the widow to be always in "Mint" condition in honor of his late husband and because She couldn't bear to touch him without remembering her lost family. He didn't experience being played with or being displayed outside the box--after all there was no one else to play with him He was placed in the playroom to be kept safe, even though a figure like him belonged to display cases or the bedrooms only because the widow didn't know where to put him after all what reason for him to be put there though when the owner is dead? So the widow put him in the playroom where she can always clean his box along with most of the other toys to continue on her husband's want of keeping his figures in mint and good condition.

Since he was a late addition to the toys and figures the collector had and has just been recently out of the box, he had no real idea about the war that was going on. What he knew was just two factions going at it, but the reasons and how heavy it was, He did not know, or he may not even care. He went out of his box after a few months of seeing some other toys come "Alive". He didn't have a name so he took the name Zero a fitting name for no-one's toy now. Freed by another figure called "Saber", They became close and since they both have a bit of "old-school" royalty and chivalry in them (both of them having the same bearing as knights of old), they bonded quite quickly and became sworn siblings not long afterwards. However they still have big differences in them, while "Saber" was mostly a do-gooder and kind, she belonged to the Empire side of the house. One can seldom see Zero help, as he believes helping them will only get them killed in the next fight, better have them stay in the playroom injured and alive rather than fixed only to die in the next battle. And because he doesn't want the warpack to recruit him, and be forced to fight his "sworn-sibling". As his mind is affected by the philosophical books he reads in the master's study whenever he goes out to free-roam, he doesn't usually and easily agree with the other toys, and speaks cryptic or in limited verses most of the time, his calm voice echoes within the confines of his silver helmet making it sound like hoarse and chilly as steel, that at times intimidate other toys and at limited times his sworn-sibling.

DESCRIPTION: Donned in an Armor with gold effects on it. Zero can look intimidating at times, especially from how he brings himself and how he usually interacts with people. His swords are curved and they have the crimson color on the center as if it was the veins of a weapon alive. They can be combined using the hilts to form a staff-sword which could double its use as a close range weapon or a boomerang variation. He acts in a knightly fashion being sometimes being stiff and uptight.

--HP: 10
--POWER: 8
--SPEED: 3

1. Oblivion
--POWER: 8
--RANGE: 1

--POWER: 5
--RANGE: 3
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Zero of the Playroom WIP Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zero of the Playroom WIP   Zero of the Playroom WIP EmptyFri Jul 27, 2012 1:06 am


Comment: :::<img src=" longdesc="90" loading="lazy" />::: at last! I'm approving this now... Now get in the game LOL

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____
Zero of the Playroom WIP KshatryNastume

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Zero of the Playroom WIP
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