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 Jin Muraki

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PostSubject: Jin Muraki   Jin Muraki EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 2:16 am

Jin Muraki Okita110Jin Muraki Okita010
NAME: Jin Muraki

TYPE: (action figure, doll, stuffed toy, porcelain, etc.)

HEIGHT: 6 inches

WEAPON: Demon Sword "Overfiend", Cold Kunai x many


PERSONALITY and HISTORY: Jin is extremely narcissistic to a fault. He believes that his existence is higher than all the other toys. He has come to enjoy the cold, dark atmosphere of the basement, and thrives in darkness. When in combat, he is very vicious and sadistic, torturing his victims before killing them. He prefers to execute his captives in a blender, which he keeps in the basement. Aside from being an expert swordsman, he is also proficient in the use of makeshift kunai blades made from sewing needles.

Jin Muraki was once owned by the little girl of the house. He was well loved, and had a beautiful selection of wigs and dresses. He was arguably the most beautiful toy in the house, and was dubbed "The Morning Star" by his fellow toys. A founding member of the Warpack, Jin was their brilliant strategist, and served as the Brotherhood's peerless swordsman. He was virtually perfect, in every way. But his power was eclipsed by the almighty Zorthronax, a huge rubber dragon that ruled all of the toys in the house...

When his owner died in a tragic car accident, Jin's soul shattered into a million pieces. Overcome with grief, his heart turned black, and sought power for himself. He believed that under his rule, the toys will know loneliness no longer. He fought Zorthronax, only to be defeated by the powerful dragon. That night, Jin left the Playroom, and traveled to the basement, where he found his answer.

Upon reaching the darkest room of the house, Jin was ambushed by miniature terracotta soldiers. He destroyed several of them, until the remaining ones bowed down to him. The fiendish denizens of the basement had never seen a fair creature such as he, and so they thought of him as a god. Jin seized this opportunity and installed himself as the supreme ruler of the Basement, which he quickly reorganized into an Empire...

DESCRIPTION: Jin is a ball-jointed doll with fabric clothes and realistic long black hair. His skin is very smooth, and his eyes are well painted. He even has eyelashes made from synthetic hair. He looks like a female doll, but he is male, and in fact he is anatomically correct (he has a penis).

His clothes resemble those worn by the Shinsengumi from ancient Japan. His sword "Overfiend" is a die-cast metal blade that has been sharpened to recreate a sense of realism. Inside his sleeves, he carries numerous needles which he calls "Cold Kunais".


STAT POINTS: 40 (due to being the Emperor of the Basement)

--HP: 16
--POWER: 14
--SPEED: 6

1. Demon Sword "Overfiend"
--POWER: 12
--RANGE: 1

2. Cold Kunai
--POWER: 6
--RANGE: 6

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____
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PostSubject: Re: Jin Muraki   Jin Muraki EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 11:01 am


Comment: Beautiful man! But eerie as well. Did you say anatomically correct? LOL. Keep the basement in order then!

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____
Jin Muraki KshatryNastume

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Jin Muraki
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