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 BJD, Saber Extra

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PostSubject: BJD, Saber Extra   BJD, Saber Extra EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 2:13 am

Jin tempted me with the idea of being a doll instead of a PVC, so I caved and went for Nero.
Also sister-consort because its fun to play as the sister empress to jin's character y/y?

BJD, Saber Extra 5SFIF

NAME: Saber Extra "Nero"
TYPE: Ball Jointed Doll
WEAPON: Aestus Estus


She has the aura of an proud empress, befitting the origin of her toy, and her status as sister-consort to Jin's 'empire'.

She comes off as a haughty and prideful doll at first, Who will never take no for an answer and has a tendency to look things in only her perspective. A rather hard person to deal with sometimes, as she tends to get overly stubborn. However, once you've gone to getting to know her more, you begin to understand there is more to her than what she seems.

"Let nothing restrain you as you live life to the fullest"

Nero is fully aware that she is nothing but a child's plaything , and that there are limitations of being a toy, yet she dislikes the idea to be labeled as such. To Nero , who considers being alive is a blessing in itself, it is a big slap on her face. She has an unusually optimistic view on matters like these.

She doesn't look like it, But Nero likes a little adventure occasionally, tending to leave the basement to explore or rather, taking a 'stroll' around the house by herself (After all, it's no fun to stay cooped up in the basement all the time, no?) . She tends to find herself in the library, helping herself to an occasional book or two. However, she takes great pains in making sure that no one knows of her true allegiance, as to avoid complications that may arise.

"I'd rather we resolve things with a conversation than with combat"

Nero dislikes having to resort to fighting when conflict arises. At most, she only wants to spark an interesting conversation between fellow toys . Unlike most toys in the basement, Nero can become very understanding, even treat other toys equally, hilariously considering her status as sister-consort .

Despite the fact that she claims that she dislikes the idea of fighting however, she will not hesitate to go into battle if the situation call for it, she has been insulted, or if her brothers are threatened. She won't hesitate to destroy a toy when needed as well, assuming they're considered a 'threat' to her 'brother's' empire.

"I have no intention to fight against my siblings"

While Nero is generally Neutral towards most of the toys , there are two fellow toys in where she keeps a close sibling bond with, one of them being Zero. having freed him from his plastic prison once, the two have a somewhat close bond as "Sworn siblings" . They have their differences however, as Zero tends to think things out with his mind while she has a more straightforward and blunt response to matters. Despite that however , they get along rather well .

Another person who Nero is close with is Jin. Perhaps it is weird that Nero has a bond with such a toy, however , part of this reason is because they are of the same kind, and a part was because he had done Nero a favor by freeing her from her box a little after the car accident that had taken their owner's lives. Nero treats Jin like an older brother that she never had, though she rarely-no, never speaks about him upfront towards other toys.


A doll that was intended as the daughter's birthday gift, she was distraught that her owner had perished during a car accident, the idea of being stuck in the box forever looming over her. However, when she thought that she was going to live a life stuck in her plastic prison, she has been opened by none other than Muraki, who had chanced upon her boxed up. Indebted, Nero followed Jin , slowly started looking up to him as a brother, and consecutively helped him rule over his 'empire'.



--HP: 8
--POWER: 10
--SPEED: 4

1. Thunderous Applause
--POWER: 10
--RANGE: 1

2. Trice setting Sun (She throws Aestus Estus in a wide arc)
--POWER: 7
--RANGE: 3
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PostSubject: Re: BJD, Saber Extra   BJD, Saber Extra EmptyTue Jul 24, 2012 10:59 am


Comment: This is certainly an interesting change from your original concepts. First you were a Figma, then you changed to a PVC statue. I think among the Sabers you made, this one is the prettiest by far.

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BJD, Saber Extra KshatryNastume

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BJD, Saber Extra
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