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 Wulfgar the Fearless

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PostSubject: Wulfgar the Fearless   Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:28 am

NAME: Wulfgar the Fearless

TYPE: Action Figure

HEIGHT: 7.5"

WEAPON(S): Battle-Axe, Shield


PERSONALITY and HISTORY: Together with his lord, Zorthronax the Dragon, Wulfgar upheld the law and order of the playroom. Being the leader of the Warpack, Wulfgar made sure that everyone played nice. Although he was very strict, he didn't abuse his power. Wulfgar swore to protect the Playroom, and to maintain good relations with all of the toys and figurines of the household.

Of course, not everyone wanted to play nice, so it became incumbent on Wulfgar and his allies to keep things in order. There were several instances where he was forced to destroy some unruly toys. It weighed heavily on him, but he knew that it had to be done.

DESCRIPTION: Wulfgar the Fearless is a standard action figure with two accessories. One is his mighty battle-axe named "Roaring Thunder", and the other is a shield named "Mighty Glacier".


STAT POINTS: 40 (Being the Boss of the Playroom)

--HP: 20
--POWER: 10
--SPEED: 6

1. Battle-Axe (Slash)
--POWER: 10
--RANGE: 1

2. Battle-Axe (Throw)
--POWER: 5
--RANGE: 4

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____
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PostSubject: Re: Wulfgar the Fearless   Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:56 am

Comment: Initially skeptical really, about Wulfgar. Thought he was a brute who smashes taverns. I stand corrected Chief! Expecting you to lead the Playroom and its citizens to a better future!

_____I love Mobile Suit Legends_____

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Wulfgar the Fearless
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