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Optimus Prime

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Optimus Prime

Post by vangran on Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:17 am

Name: Optimus Prime
Type: Action Figure
Height: 10 in.
Weapons: Energon Blade, Cybertron Blaster (missile launcher that he converted)
Allegiance: Playroom Toys


Optimus was a treasured toy for the first few months he was owned, until it was deemed that he was old news and placed in the playroom. Upon arrival, he didn't really know what to do, but he was a fighting toy, so he wasn't about to back down from a challenge. He only hoped that his
owners would take him back someday. Many commented on the fact that Optimus was far too optimistic, not that anyone thought he would be

He doesn't live in a house as he is a toy machine, and while his transformation doesn't give him any stat bonus, or any bonus at all, it does make it easier to sleep at night, considering he is slightly bigger than many of the other toys.

The day he had arrived, a battle was waging between the two factions, and Optimus had been quick to leap to the defense of the PRT, although they didn't seem to mind, as he saved the lives of a number of toys that day, cementing his place in the war. He had chosen his side that day and he never looked back.


He could never stand for injustice, and fought to make the playroom a safe place for all, even if he wasn't a member of the Warpack, a group that he greatly respected and wished to join so that he could better protect his fellow toys. He wasn't overly fond of the Basement Empire. He had heard terrible things about them and if he saw a member he wouldn't hesitate to destroy them unless it conflicted with his duty to protect. He wasn't one for leaping into things without thought, but if he saw an opening you better believe that he would jump in swinging. So in a sense he was much like the real Optimus Prime, although he would never admit it.


STAT POINTS: 24 (This value is fixed for regular players except certain admin and mod characters)

(allocate your stats accordingly. It must total to 24 (for regular players).

--HP: 9
--POWER: 10
--SPEED: 3

1. Cyberslash
--POWER: 10
--RANGE: 1

2. Cyberblast
--POWER: 6
--RANGE: 4

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Re: Optimus Prime

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:27 am

I wish you kind of followed the format... Personality and History go hand in hand but oh well. Approved, wait for the rules and the game.

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