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SEASON 1 EPILOGUE: "The Edge of Desire"

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SEASON 1 EPILOGUE: "The Edge of Desire"

Post by Lalionus on Sun Jul 15, 2012 3:54 pm

Previous Episode Filler:

Two months ago, two unnamed strangers broke in the FUSE Base, and stole the Box. At first it was deemed impossible for them to get away, seeing that the place was armed with PSI-TECH Soldiers. However, the timely arrival of the two strange units, together with their powerful aura, disrupted the defense operation. The distraction provided Serene and her companion time to make away with the Box.

In short, the Box fell into the hands of HELL Org.

One by one, FUSE's failures began to haunt them. It was deemed that they were caught unprepared for these new threats. On the orders of Lalionus Gravebrood, she formed a new division tasked with hunting of the Box:

Zeronos - Mars Denbrey
Gwynhwyfar - Ariah Lowe
Nereid Custom - Lexine Atenosa

and the rest of the FUSE forces placed under their command.


EPILOGUE to Season 1
June 05, LC 214
Colonial Outpost "Saiz Posadas", Approximately 15:00 Hours
FUSE Carriers "Caligula" and "Herodotus"

The new team formed by Lalionus, an elite force named "SEEKERS", was deployed in space to look for the clues left behind by the thieves. Beside them, another ship named "Herodotus" carried the backup forces, the ETCHOS. They steadily approached the large space outpost known as "Saiz Posadas". Among the outposts in this area, this was the largest, but it had long been abandoned due to the dangers posed by the old structure.

In her room, Lexine Atenosa sat quietly in her bed, waiting for the signal. She waited for the ship to dock. She looked very tense. She was also waiting for someone to come in to her room. One that she promised to help in exchange for something...

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