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ESX-NRZ "Gundam Zeronos"

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ESX-NRZ "Gundam Zeronos"

Post by B.R.O. on Thu May 31, 2012 6:40 pm

For Retrieval. Activated only by the Blood of a Schneider.

ESX-NRZ "Gundam Zeronos"

Built from the data obtained from both the Gundam Panzer Centipede and the Gundam Bandit Revolver, the ESX-NRZ "Gundam Zeronos" is built by a collaboration of Schneider Electronics and park Heavy Industries to test the enhanced Neuron-DNA Link System that can be implemented into the future generation of mobile suits. Its movable frame is mostly made from high-quality materials and equipped with a DNA-reader system. The machine features no special Ascendant or Enhanced Human-use weaponry such as bits or incoms, challenging its existing design and basic performance as a mobile suit.

To compensate for this the Zeronos boasts high mobility and features four large boosters on its back, in which the unit is capable of achieving precise movements and high speeds. Its speed is complemented well by the powerful beam and solid-type weapons that were designed for its use. The beam shot rifle is a hand-carried beam weapon that was designed to be used exclusively by Zeronos. The beam shotrifle is noticeably larger than most other beam rifles, is powered by replaceable energy caps, and has a power rating of 11.5 MW. Unlike a beam rifle and more like a shotgun, the beam of the shotrifle is not as tightly focused. With a wider beam, this spreads the damage dealt by the shot rifle over a greater area. Its hips carry twin bazookas, that are capable of firing large projectiles at long ranges.


HP: 13980 / 13980
EN: 148 / 148
Move: Ground=4, Water=2, Air=5, Space=5


1. Melee Attack (punch, kick, etc)
--PWR: 500
--EN: --
--RNG: 1~1
--TYPE: Normal Melee
--LOCK: 1

2. Beam Saber
--PWR: 3800
--EN: 16
--RNG: 1~1
--TYPE: Beam Melee
--LOCK: 1

3. 80 mm Vulcan
--PWR: 1000
--EN: 6
--RNG: 1~2
--TYPE: Rapid Fire
--LOCK: 1

4. Beam Shot Rifle
--PWR: 800 x 6
--EN: 24
--RNG: 2~4
--TYPE: Beam Scatter
--LOCK: 1

5. Double Hip Bazooka
--PWR: 2800 x 2
--EN: 26
--RNG: 3-5
--TYPE: Shooting
--LOCK: 1

1. Beam Shield Defense
--Reduce all beam damage by 80%
--Reduce all solid damage by 20%
--USE: 3/3

2. Missile Jammer
--Neutralize all missile-type attacks
--USE: 2/2

3. Generator Charger
--Restores 50% of total suit's EN
--USE: 1/1

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