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Chapter 3: "Sandstorm Serenade"

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Re: Chapter 3: "Sandstorm Serenade"

Post by Siren Moonwall on Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:23 am

Victoria and Charlie had arrived and Victoria went instantly to working the on the controls, once Paul was in and ready she backed the Alduin out of the hanger, plotting the course ahead, and making her way to Earth and the country of China. She sets an auto-pilot, plotting it to go around projected asteroid fields, and solar storms.

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Re: Chapter 3: "Sandstorm Serenade"

Post by B.R.O. on Tue Jun 05, 2012 3:28 pm

CHAPTER III: Sandstorm Serenade
Recap and Conclusion

The Aesir Foxes went to Afghanistan, in order to stop the Moussaiga Army from conquering the town of Ghazni, but they were shot down by a Plasma Vortex, a weapon left over from the Second Lunar War. They were almost captured, but the timely arrival of Kain Arrows saved them.

Meanwhile, the two ETCHOS Gundams were dispatched to the area, but were recalled when a more important mission came up. After some heated arguments between the two ETCHOS pilots, it was eventually decided that Takeshi will remain, but he will be kept under close watch.

In space, Paul received the Quil Ateara, a new mobile suit. Prodded by Professor Esbern, he made his way for Earth along with his friend Siren.

Risa returned to the Fortissimo, without the new Gundam pilot she was sent to recruit. Instead, she brought home her brother, who was not received by Cheese and the girls well. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing as Kain slowly gets the trust of the Aesir Foxes.

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