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UMS-891 "Behnke"

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UMS-891 "Behnke"

Post by B.R.O. on Fri May 11, 2012 9:36 pm

UMS-891 "Behnke"

The UMS-891 "Behnke" is a ground-combat purpose mass produced mobile suit, developed by the Moussaiga Army sometime before the end of the 2nd Lunar War. As the main mobile suit of the Moussaiga Army, it is equally adept at preforming on Earth's terrain thanks to large wheels under its feet. This allowed for great speed for the mobile suit during missions. The Behnke is at home in either snow or desert conditions, with only minor modifications needed to adapt to changing environments.

In order to carry out its purpose, the Behnke is usually armed with a drum fed Type-76 Machine Rifle. This is supplemented with a large Swatter Claw which serves as its right arm. The head, which is mounted on an extendable neck, mounts a Shot Boomba Cannon, which is essentially a beam rifle in place of the mobile suit's mouth.

The Behnke was deployed in large numbers over Eurasia and the Middle East, where the elusive Moussaiga Army retains control. Because of their vast numbers, a large amount of these mobile suits survived the end of the Second Lunar War to be put into continued use. Under General Beldey's command, the Moussaiga Army continued to resist the new FUSE Government, deploying Behnke units in small towns, occupying them and making them major strongholds with civilians kept as hostages.


HP: 9060 / 9060
EN: 62 / 62
Move: Ground=4, Water=2, Air=0, Space=0


1. Melee Attack (punch, kick, etc)
--PWR: 500
--EN: --
--RNG: 1~1
--TYPE: Normal Melee
--LOCK: 1

2. Swatter Claw
--PWR: 4000
--EN: 16
--RNG: 1~1
--TYPE: Normal Melee
--LOCK: 1

3. Type-76 Machine Rifle
--PWR: 2400
--EN: 12
--RNG: 2~4
--TYPE: Rapid Fire
--LOCK: 1

4. Shot Boomba Cannon
--PWR: 2700
--EN: 16
--RNG: 2~4
--TYPE: Beam 1
--LOCK: 1


1. Defend
--Reduce damage by 50%
--USE: 1/1

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