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Post by B.R.O. on Sat May 26, 2012 11:15 am

RRE-95MS "Quil Ateara"

The Quil Ateara was designed around the tactic to perform high speed, space assault with mobile suits. The Rai Ryu Electronics decided that their old machines had little or no time to react before being attacked by large groups of mobile suits. The Company recognized this as a superior tactic, and sought to produce mobile suits to do the same in return.

However, the other company that did mobile suits for FUSE also designed their machines around the same goal, and it made no sense tactically or financially for FUSE to purchase to produce two mobile suits to do the similar task for ground and space, and chose to keep the better (and more economical) design Harlequin instead of the Quil Ateara. Rai Ryu Electronics was left with an almost completed prototype, and no one to sell it to.

The RRE-95MS "Quil Ateara" features a simple armament, focusing more on speed than power. Unlike its most early machines that were built for the FUSE, the Quil Ateara lacked missiles. These were replaced with two beam cannons crafted into the mobile suit's breasts. For melee combat the Quil Ateara was equipped with a pair of long and short beam sabers mounted in the left forearm in a tonfa-like fashion. The Quil Ateara's most powerful weapon is an XM097 Rebusa Rifle, a projecile weapon with a much stronger firepower than standard beam rifles.

Despite its lackluster armament, the Quil Ateara's defenses were impressive compared to contemporary mobile suits. It featured chaff grenades that could be ejected when pursued with missiles. Its beam shield technology is also made stronger thanks to the two large beam field generators on its shoulders. When activated, the generators form a spherical beam field around the Quil Ateara, and is even strong enough to repel solid attacks to a certain extent.


HP: 13860 / 13860
EN: 140 / 140
Move: Ground=4, Water=4, Air=1, Space=5


1. Melee Attack (punch, kick, etc)
--PWR: 500
--EN: --
--RNG: 1~1
--TYPE: Normal Melee
--LOCK: 1

2. Arm Beam Saber
--PWR: 3800
--EN: 16
--RNG: 1~1
--TYPE: Beam Melee
--LOCK: 1

3. XM097 Rebusa Rifle
--PWR: 3200
--EN: 18
--RNG: 2~4
--TYPE: Shooting
--LOCK: 1

4. Vulcan
--PWR: 1000
--EN: 6
--RNG: 1~2
--TYPE: Rapid Fire
--LOCK: 1

5. Breast Beam Cannon
--PWR: 1800 x2
--EN: 18
--RNG: 2~4
--TYPE: Beam 1
--LOCK: 1


1. Beam Field M
--Reduce all beam damage by 80%
--All other types of attacks reduced by 50%
--USE: 3/3

2. Chaff
--Neutralize all incoming missile-type attacks
--USE: 2/2

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