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Arthor Pale

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Arthor Pale

Post by Vaunt on Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:36 am

Name: Arthor Pale

Age: 32

Birthday: 2-20-UC 0063

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Weight: 160lb

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Nationality/Race: Principality of Zeon

Allegiance: Zeon

Rank: Midshipman


Because of his mother Arthor doesn't hate people who live on the Earth, but dislike there ways of life. Arthor is a gentle person when he is around friends and would do anything in his powers to help them. When ever Arthor promises to do some thing we will not stop until it is done or he dies. He enjoys smoking and talking to beautiful women. Arthor hates and will never kill people who are running or gave up fighting, but he would kill his own men if the tried to run when the order wasn't given. He is terrified of spiders and large bodies of water, because he can not swim.


Arthor life as a child was peaceful. His father, Richard, taught him how the people on the Earth where inferior to the spacenoids. On the other hand his mother was trying to show him, which just because of where we lived doesn't make anyone better than the other. Because of his parentís difference of views, his father sent him to a boarding school in a different colony. At the boarding school the teachers said "We, the spacenoids, where better in every way than the people on Earth." When Arthor was a teenager the school sent him to a training center where they kept teaching him, but also trained him to be a soldier of Zeon.

When Arthor left the boarding school, he went home to see his father and mother. When he arrived home his visit was short because the One Year War just started. Arthor jumped at the chance to sever Zeon and sign up as a pilot for a Zaku. During
the One Year War, Arthor was station in Europe. When
Earth Federation launched Operation Odessa Arthor lost his whole team trying to stop the EFSF attack. As they where being pushed back Arthor was able to get away with some of the top brass, that where escaping in a sub.

Arthor was than sent to A Baoa Qu, there he read reports on EFSF attack on Solomon
and waited for them to attack A Baoa Qu. When EFSF finally attacked Arthor
Mobile suit was badly damage and a small one of the computer exploded, causing
him to lose his left index finger. One of his friends got him out of the battlefield.

After the One Year War Arthor meet the girl of his dreams. He spent the next few years with her. The night before he was going to get married, his friend showed up dying. Before his Friend Alex died, he asked if Arthor would fight again for the Zeon Remnants. Arthor almost said no, but said yes because Alex saved his life in the One Year War.

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Re: Arthor Pale

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:26 am

Welcome to Zeon. You'll be a midshipman.

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