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 DICE: Properties and Effects

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DICE: Properties and Effects Empty
PostSubject: DICE: Properties and Effects   DICE: Properties and Effects EmptyWed Feb 01, 2012 3:34 am

In the Gunpla Builders RPG, we make use of DICE rolls. There are over 20 types of attack dices in this RPG, each with their own probability of HITS, MISSES or CRITICALS. As a general rule, Beam Weapons have more chances of getting critical results, while Melee weapons have a higher hit percentage than ranged ones, except for Sniper dices.

To perform a successful attack, first select a weapon or attack, subtract the EN it requires from your total EN, and SELECT THE RIGHT DICE as indicated by weapon type.


Beam Saber
--Power: 4500
--EN: 24
--MP: 0
--Range: 1-1
--Type: Beam Melee

That would mean that you will roll the BEAM MELEE DICE.


A. No you can't. The dice window will not appear in the Quick Reply function when you post. You must first preview your written post in order to see the window dice. It's located to the left of the preview button once you've previewed it from quick reply.

Another easier method would be just to use the "Post Reply" button and that would take you to the normal "type a post/reply" window with the Dice Menu already visible. Now let's study the dice results. Let's sort the attack types into 4 elements: Solid, Beam, Fire, Electric.

Quote :
-These dices have a slightly higher accuracy than beam-types. However, they don't get critical results more often. A Critical means that the attack's power is Doubled. Solid attacks pass through I-Fields, but not through GN Fields, Beam Shields, Planet Defensers and Normal Shields.

DICE: Properties and Effects Rapidfire
Rapid Fire
-High hit rate, but usually Rapid Fire attacks do a small amount of damage. Exceptions would be the larger gatling and machine guns employed by suits such as Heavyarms, Leopard and Gouf Custom.

DICE: Properties and Effects Melee
Normal Melee
-Some mobile suits like the Char's Zaku or the Kapool have normal attacks that use the arms, feet, claws or fists. Again, the accuracy of this weapon is pretty high, but rarely do these attacks have high power.

DICE: Properties and Effects Trap
Ranged Melee
-Of slightly less accuracy than Normal Melee but with greater range. Good examples of this is the Gundam Hammer, and other non-beam throwing weapons.

DICE: Properties and Effects SolidMelee
Solid Melee
-Similar to Normal Melee in terms of accuracy, but with higher damage. Heat Hawks, Heat Sabers/Swords are known examples of this type.

DICE: Properties and Effects SnipeSolid
-Extremely high accuracy, average critical rate. The only drawback of these solid weapons are the relatively high EN cost they require.

DICE: Properties and Effects Shooting
-Large ballistic weapons such as 180mm cannon, railguns, and most standard Bazookas are classified as Shooting. Slightly less accurate than beam rifles, but usually with better range and better firepower.

DICE: Properties and Effects Missile
Missile / Rocket
-Missiles usually come in groups. Whether it's x2, x3 or x6 dice rolls, missiles are good for overwhelming opponents with multi-hits.

DICE: Properties and Effects SolidScatter
Scattering Shell
-Scatter-types with [usually] even more hits than missiles. The clay bazooka is a good example of this attack.

Quote :
-While Beams have less accuracy than most solid weapons in general, they pack a stronger punch. Most beams, especially those in the Beam 3 category can roll up some Criticals easily.

DICE: Properties and Effects BeamRapidfire
Beam Rapid Fire
-Similar to Rapid Fire, but with beam properties. High hit rate, low critical rate. An example would be the Beam Gatling that the RX-0 uses.

DICE: Properties and Effects BeamMelee
Beam Melee
-Beam sabers of all shapes and sizes. Like the Solid Melee, they have high accuracy.The only drawback is they are usually executed in close range.

DICE: Properties and Effects BeamMeleeRanged
Beam Ranged Melee
-Ranged or throwing melee weapons such as the Efreet Schneid'd heat darts and beam boomerangs. Mediocre accuracy rate, but throwing melee weapons that pack high power are quite useful in dire situations.

DICE: Properties and Effects Beam1
Beam 1
-Standard beam rifles with average firepower. They have relatively nice accuracy and are EN cost effective.

DICE: Properties and Effects Beam2
Beam 2
-Stronger than Beam 1, but with less accuracy. Examples are most Beam Bazookas and Zeta's Mega Launcher.

DICE: Properties and Effects Beam3
Beam 3
-Some of the game's most powerful weapons belong to this category. Because of their slow firing rate, opponents usually manage to stay out of these weapons' ranges, hence the lower accuracy. They also consume a lot of EN when used. But these weapons often score Criticals when rolled, dishing out massive damage. Well-known examples are the Mega Bazooka Launcher, GP03's main cannon and Beam Magnum.

DICE: Properties and Effects SnipeBeam
Beam Sniping
-High accuracy rate, and power. Modest Critical rate and extremely long distances.

DICE: Properties and Effects BeamScattering
Scattering Beam
-Similar to Scattering Shell, but with beam properties.

DICE: Properties and Effects Funnel
-Usually comes in multi-hits, but with low attack power. They also consume MP when being used, being Newtype/Coordinator weapons.

Quote :
-These damages causes targets to be inflicted with the "STUN" status when hit. Meaning, that they cannot move / attack / cast for one turn if they are hit.

DICE: Properties and Effects StunRod
-Pretty self explanatory. Renders target incapable of any action when his turn comes. Damage is also inflicted by these weapons. The Gouf's heat rod/wire is a great example of this weapon type.

Quote :
-These weapons have no special property, and can be blocked by almost anything except I-Fields. However, they possess the highest "CRITICAL" rates in the game. The main drawback is the range.

DICE: Properties and Effects Flame
-Extreme heat that damages mobile suits from within. Though they can be blocked, their temperature is not to be taken lightly. High Critical rates and don't miss too often.

~Derived from the Gunpla Builders battle system created by Lalionus, our dear, sweet, hot chick admin. Thanks LAL!

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DICE: Properties and Effects Pbucket
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DICE: Properties and Effects
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