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Vincent Solano

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Vincent Solano

Post by RX-178 on Tue Jan 31, 2012 10:08 am

Name: Vincent “Beowulf” Solano

Age: 23

Birthday: 28 November, UC 0073

Gender: Male

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Nationality/Race: Selenite

Allegiance: Zeon Remnants

Rank: Ensign

Personality and Background:

Born in the Granada Lunar Colony, Vincent was raised in a middle class family, with both of his parents working at the Colony’s Mobile Suit production facilities as managers. Seeing the One Year War through the eyes of his parents, who were both ardent members of the Zabi Party, Vincent was raised with a very biased view of the Earth Sphere’s political situation. Seeing the Federation as nothing more than brutal oppressors, Vincent’s views were only reinforced when the Mobile Suit plants were turned over to the Federation in UC 0080.

During the EF occupation, Vincent’s parents continued to teach him that the Federation was only leeching resources from the Spacenoids, and encouraged him to join pro Spacenoid youth organizations and other movements. Once the city declared its public support for the AEUG in 0086, Vincent began working with his parents to produce MS for both AEUG and later the first Neo Zeon movement.

Upon finishing high school in 0091, Vincent, still very much the ideologue, moved to the Sweetwater Colony and joined with the second Neo Zeon movement under Char Aznable as a Mobile Suit pilot. Filled with resentment for the Federation, he was one of the very few pilots who did not try to push back Axis following Char’s defeat. Instead, he retreated from the field with one of the surviving Neo Zeon cruisers and eventually made is way to Earth in 0095, and eventually joined a terrestrial branch of the Zeon Remnants.

Personality wise, Solano is a very excitable youth. He was raised almost from birth to idealize Zeon soldiers, and will excitedly listen to his elders and their war stories. While he is exceedingly polite to fellow Spacenoids and Selenites, Vincent holds nothing but contempt for Earthers, and will treat them with disdain unless not doing so would serve a greater purpose. He will follow orders from his superiors without question, and will rationalize away almost any atrocity as either being Federation propaganda (the use of G3 nerve agents), or as a justifiable retaliation for a worse Federation offense (the colony drops).

In short, from the perspective of men like Gihren Zabi he is a model Zeon soldier.
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Re: Vincent Solano

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Wed Feb 01, 2012 3:04 pm

Interesting. Welcome back. Approved. Ensign.

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