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Javier Sebastiano (Javier Del Tierro)

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Javier Sebastiano (Javier Del Tierro)

Post by STINGER on Mon Jan 30, 2012 2:06 pm

Name: Javier Sebastiano (Javier Del Tierro)

Age: 25

Birthday: 4-13-UC 0071

Gender: Male

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 126 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Nationality/Race: South American

Allegiance: Zeon Remnant Group

Rank: Sergeant

Personality and Background:
~Although Javier was born at the same time with his brother Alexander, he had been presumed to be stillborn when he came out. Because of that fact, it was Alexander who was taken in by their aunt Alondra, while Javier was taken to the morgue wrapped in cloth. Miraculously, he was later found to be breathing. Javier was placed in an incubator, and survived. Later, his birth mother Lora, found out about his lover Col. Joaquin and Alondra's marriage, and she was devastated. Heartbroken and angry, she fled to the mountains with Javier, and there they met Tomas, one of the many Zeon rebels who took them in and treated them like family.

Javier grew up knowing the full truth about his birth and the unfortunate circumstances that surround him. Unlike Alexander, he knew of the existence of his twin, and he longed to meet his brother someday and demand answers from him. Javier also harbored a grudge against his real father, Col. Joaquin Del Tierro for abandoning him and his mother.

At a very young age, Javier was taught how to pilot a mobile suit by his foster father Tomas. Javier put all of his inner turmoil and rage when fighting, and this aggressive style of combat is only surpassed by the hatred in his heart. However, when in UC 0096, he was recruited into Yonem Kirk's ranks, his heart began to mellow when he met the lovely Loni Garvey. Though she did not pay him any attention, Javier was smitten by her and had feelings for her. At the same time Javier disliked the boy that the Garancieres team picked up, Javier just did not trust the boy and his white mobile suit knowing he came from the Federation.

On the day of the Battle of Torrington, Javier scored several kills against the poorly-defended Federation base. Javier tried to impress Loni by assisting her kill the traitorous "Split-Horned" mobile suit. However his mobile suit was knocked over when the Unicorn Gundam and the Shambaloo's energies collided. Disabled, he could only watch in horror as the Delta Plus grabbed the beam magnum from the Unicorn and murdered Loni with a shot to the cockpit. Javier was never able to tell her how he felt, or even introduce himself to her before she died... and this made him hate the Federation even more.

(note: Serpentarius and I are twin brothers in the RPG.)
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Re: Javier Sebastiano (Javier Del Tierro)

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:20 am

Approved, Sergeant! Welcome to Zeon! I hope Javier meets his brother ... soon!

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