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Alan Ganther

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Alan Ganther

Post by Azure3 on Sat Jan 28, 2012 10:09 am

Name: Alan Ganther

Age: 32

Birthday: Oct 28, U.C0063

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9

Weight: 173

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: dark brown

Nationality/Race: Caucasian

Allegiance: Earth Federation

Rank: Ensign

Alan shows consideration and respect to everyone regardless of rank. Generally he is somewhat outgoing but tends to be quiet at times. For better or worse, he's shown to have courage and spirit even during the worse of times in warfare. This was due to all the battles he's been in since the One Year War. Overall, he's a sentimental and kind soldier of the Earth Federation. And will do anything to protect his comrades even if it costs him his life.


Born in North America in U.C 0063, Alan was just a simple boy going through life like any normal kid around his age. That all turned to ash when in U.C 0079 the "One Year War" broke out. Since the early days of the war he and his family tried their best to keep out of the conflict. It wasn't until he turned 16 at his own will he enlisted in the E.F.S.F and was amoung the many rookie pilots to be trained in the arts of mobile suit combat. He battled the hardships and trama of loss until the war ended.

During the Gryps conflict and the Neo Zeon war, he initally was a pilot for the federation but rarely took part in combat. but due to reasons and hatred for incidents that was committed, he defected to AEUG and became one of their experienced pilots. During that time, he never liked to fight on the earth, it reminded him too much of the suffering, pain and death of so many, especially his comrades whom he lost on the ground warfare. Over the years, he's gotten used to it but it still pains him at times. After the wars, AEUG disbanded and formed the new Federation Task Force, "Londo Bell". He was asked to join the group, but refused the offer and retired for awhile from combat and became an instructor for new pilots.

During Char's counterattack, he was still an instructor for new Federation Pilots, but the events that was happening seemed pointless to teach newcomers. From the base he was stationed, he could only watch from the ground as the sky seemed to fall down to earth. Wishing he'd be up there helping former comrades in their fight against Char, he felt helpless on the ground, weighted down by gravity. But witnessing the miracle and the great light that lit the sky had a life changing impact on him and gave him the since of duty and courage once again to be apart of combat and try his all to make a difference.

Now, a hard veteran pilot of the Federation, Alan was transferred to a new unit that was lead by Captain Brandon Magusson who's task was to hunt down the Zeon Remant. The time to return to the battlefield has come for Alan, fighting an enemy he once fought in the OYW...
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Re: Alan Ganther

Post by MSL on Thu Feb 02, 2012 10:08 pm

Shrink your avatar. Otherwise, approved.

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