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 Kazahara, Hayase

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PostSubject: Kazahara, Hayase   Kazahara, Hayase EmptyFri Jan 27, 2012 12:33 pm

Kazahara, Hayase Hay2

Name: Kazahara, Hayase

Age: 22

Birthday: January 26th, UC 0074

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 188lb.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Nationality/Race: Japanese descent/ Spacenoid

Allegiance: Londo Bell

Rank: Warrant Officer

Personality: A few words others would use to describe Hayase are kind, friendly, and honest. Hayase like many others around him have had a hard up bringing due the various conflicts of the years. Even though this has effected him and his family he has done his best to have a positive outlook on life. Hayase is an outgoing young man. He is often the first to volunteer for an assignment no matter the task required. Hayase tells others that he harbors no ill will toward anyone specific. Just those that force violence and harm on those that can not protect themselves. Hayase has a great deal of respect to the men and women that he serves with. The way he sees it is that he may be the one flying out in to combat and fighting the good fight, but without those behind him. He would not get very far.

Hayase was born in Von Braun on January 26th, UC 0074. He is the second youngest of six children. His father a EFF diplomat and his mother a simple baker. Hayase’s early life was for the most part without incident a side from the continuous threat of attack. In July of UC 0085 Hayase’s father, mother and 3 of his siblings traveled to Colony 30 at Side 1. It was there that his family was killed in “The 30 Bunch Incident” on July 31st, UC 0085.

After the death of his parent Hayase and his remaining sibling where sent to live with their uncle on Earth. Not long after arriving Hayase’s older brother Akira became involved with the newly formed AEUG. In December of UC 0087 Hayase learned of his brother’s death during an operation against the Titans. It was at this time that Hayase left his home, despite his little sister Miu’s pleas not to leave. He then sought out the AEUG, so he could avenge his family. Hayase was first able to make contact with members of Karaba. It was with them that Hayase learned how to pilot a mobile suit and began to fight back against the Titans.

In April of UC 0088 Hayase found himself in space taking part in the First Neo Zeon War. On December 22nd, UC 0088 Hayase was shot down while on an escort mission. This event left Hayase badly injured. He would not fully recover until early UC 0090. Hayase was allowed to join Londo Bell when the AEUG and Karaba were integrated into the Earth Federation Space Force.

In November of UC 0092, Hayase was assigned to a Jegan team aboard a Clop class vessel. It is with this team that Hayase would see action during the Second Neo Zeon War. In March of UC 0093 Hayase took part in the operation to attempt to stop Neo Zeon from dropping the Axis asteroid on Earth. During the mission his suit suffered major damaged and left him adrift for two days until he was rescued . Hayase was then taken to Earth to receive treatment for his injuries. Hayase took a few months leave from Londo Bell after recovering. He returned to active duty in late October of UC 0093. Hayase was assigned to a new mobile suit team aboard a Salamis Kai class vessel. There he would serve on board this vessel until UC 0096 when he is transferred to the Ra Cailum class vessel The Empyrean as one of its mobile suit team members.
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PostSubject: Re: Kazahara, Hayase   Kazahara, Hayase EmptySun Jan 29, 2012 1:21 am

Approved. You're a Warrant Officer, good luck!

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Kazahara, Hayase
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