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Tatiana Romanova Londocaptain

Name: Tatiana Romanova

Age: 29

Date of Birth: 26 January U.C. 0067

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5

Weight: 114 lbs

Hair Color: Moss Green

Eye Color: Prussian Blue

Nationality/Race: Russian

Allegiance: Londo Bell

Rank: Captain

~ As captain of the newly commissioned Empyrean, Tatiana displays a good leadership skill, and emphasizes the mobile suits' role in playing tough defense around ship, limiting the amount of damage done to the Empyrean. Because her experience and her strategic prowess is somewhat lacking, she allows her Lieutenant to make adjustments to the formation as he deems fit.

~ Before Tatiana was absorbed into Londo Bell, she was one of the youngest mobile suit pilots of Karaba. In 0087, she assisted in various Karaba missions, gaining experience and forming acquaintances with all kinds of people, Federation and Zeon alike. Because the Karaba was a rag-tag group of anti-Titans, Tatiana knew how the Zeon remnants felt. When she was called in to pursue the remnants, she felt some sort of regret knowing that they were only fighting to rid the planet of corruption.

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Tatiana Romanova
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