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 Luciano Raines

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PostSubject: Luciano Raines   Luciano Raines EmptyThu Jan 26, 2012 1:49 am

Luciano Raines LBLuc

Name: Luciano Raines

Age: 29

Date of Birth: March 10th U.C. 0067

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9”

Weight: 173lbs

Hair Color: Navy Blue

Eye Color: Blue

Nationality/Race: British/American

Allegiance: Londo Bell

Rank: Lieutenant

Personality: Luciano is your average guy at most times with a strong sense of right and wrong and in his own personal belief of what justice is. Such a strong sense can sometime override his rational thinking and cause in-fighting between him and others however he does not allow this to impact him his duty as an officer. Whilst he can respect the chain of command he believes that someone must earn his respect instead of just expecting it which causes him to come into conflict with Ex-Titans members and was why he went AWOL during the Second Neo Zeon War after his superiors refused to listen to the warnings about Char Aznable. Rather surprisingly for someone who was born on the Earth he harbors no ill-will against Spacenoids as a whole nor even every Zeon soldier but he does hate those who wish to utterly destroy the Earth and use illegal weapons such as nuclear weapons, bio-weapons ect be there Earthling or Spacenoid. He has no respect or mercy for such people.


Considered somewhat young-ish for one of officer rank, Luciano was too young at the time of the One Year War but (illegally) worked alongside his mother who helped to keep things running back home – acting as the head of the family household and one of the main money earners. His father was one of the first Mobile Suit pilots for the Earth Federation who was unfortunately KIA during the Battle of A Bao Qu, the final battle of the war. Luciano, being the eldest child, took his father's death hard but he came out stronger afterward and became supporting his mother in raising his brothers and sister. Once he had came of age he left the Earth heading for the colonies to find better work to support his family.

However whilst in and around the colonies he was unfairly detained and questioned by the tyrannical Titans, who had begun Anti-Spacenoid operations, and was labeled a 'spacenoid sympathizer'. During one of their raids on a prisoner camp the Anti-Earth Union Group picked him up and took him aboard training him into a freedom fighter and Mobile Suit pilot alongside famous faces of the OYW like Amuro Ray and Captain Bright Noa. He served aboard the Argama itself during the battles of 0087 and was part of the ship's last line of defense during the final battle of the conflict where his GM-II was totaled stopping a group of Titans MS getting close to the AEUG flagship. His injuries meant he was unable to take a very active role in the First Neo Zeon War although after recovering he helped to train more pilots for the AEUG's cause and was part of the reinforcements that Captain Noa bought to Core 3.

When the AEUG integrated with the Earth Federation Space Force, he was assigned to one of the new Clop-class cruisers before the Second Neo Zeon War. Whilst he was grateful for the actions of the good Captain Luciano eventually went AWOL from the Federal Forces when Char Aznable threatened the Earth with destruction and he worked alongside the Londo Bell taskforce. During the short war's final battle in and around Axis he encountered Char himself and his Sazabi. Riding a vastly inferior Jegan Luciano could do little to slow down the legendary ace and was quickly overwhelmed due to superior technology and the remote weapons known as “Funnels” that Char's Sazabi utilized. Fortunately Luciano was later rescued by a SAR team sent from the Ra Cailum before the Federal reinforcements, who now considered him a traitor and deserter, could find him.

Following the Second Conflict he was charged with treason and desertion during a time of war. The penalty for such a crime was usually death but as they were unable to execute one of the heroes of the last war they instead demoted him severely. He gained a bad reputation among the Federal Forces as a result. Subsequently Luciano was offered a chance to join Londo Bell now that the organization needed to fill up it's ranks once more. He accepted immediately and quickly he had became one of the taskforce's ace pilots, though he is no where in the league of Amuro Ray. In U.C. 0096 he is assigned to the Ra Cailum-Class Battleship Empyrean.

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PostSubject: Re: Luciano Raines   Luciano Raines EmptyThu Jan 26, 2012 4:30 am

Approved, Liuetenant. Will be counting on you to lead the Londo Bell to victory.

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