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Johann Rivers

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Johann Rivers

Post by Acruxis on Tue Jan 24, 2012 2:40 pm

Name: Johann "Noir" Rivers (Pronounced as YO-hahn Ree-vas)

Age: 21

Birthday: July 1 UC 0075

Gender: Male

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 138 lbs.

Hair Color: Dark Purple

Eye Color: Silverish with a tint of Blue

Nationality/Race: Spacenoid

Allegiance: Zeon

Rank: Ensign

Personality: A once kind and gentle man scarred and turned Hateful, Brooding,Cold and Ruthless and whatever negative things one could think of thanks to the direct effects of the OYW. Having been hurt and traumatised by the wars history, Johann has been forced to discard most of his old self and went on for something more suited to war--something more suited for a remnant of Zeon. Though usually Uncaring and Taciturn when with fellow remnants or when blending in the crowd. Johann could shoot anyone in cold blood, if he were given enough reason to do so or if it involved topics like the Earth Federation. Cautious almost to the point of reaching paranoia, Johann always has an assault rifle with him, but only carries a Python revolver with him, whenever they're in neutral or "hot" areas, ready to shoot first and then ask questions later, Even if it was an ally of his. Distrustful of anyone, He has built a wall between him and the people around him, thinking that he may have to shoot one of them someday and vice versa. Mostly he tries to do things on his own and acts independent, but can follow orders from time to time, If he deems the situation dire. He believes that there is no more good left for humanity, hence making it easy for him to accept killing as a norm. One thing that didn't change for him though is his no-nonsense attitude, along with his dead-pan expression that never seems to change no matter what the occasion.

Appearance: One who cares not for how he looks, Johann rarely wears the Zeon Uniform knowing what the uniform stands for, and since his unkempt appearance does not suit such a meaningful uniform he avoids trying to wear it to show respect for the ideology and sacrifices it stood for. He can be seen mostly wearing a ground-type forces Zeon Uniform, with a desert camouflage scarf around his neck. Which he always uses to scout around the area, whenever they take breaks, or move to different positions.

Background: Born in the last waning years of peace, Johann had a good childhood ahead of him, amidst the tension between spacenoids and earthnoids. However it didn't seem to last as in UC 0079, war broke out and his father had to enlist in the Zeon army, for his pride, as a spacenoid and as a man. It wasn't long that Zeon lost on New Year's Eve and his father one of the soldiers who were lost in it. He and his mother tried to live normally again and had re-settled on earth, but no matter how hard they tried, wars between their kind the spacenoids and the earthnoids kept erupting left and right. Soon the pent up hatred from those wars were vented out to them. Prejudiced, hated and bullied they kept moving places, even to the point of changing identities but to no avail, the curse of the OYW found them again and again. Johann tried to endure everything with a persevering personality and with a calm look on his face, Everything seemed to work out fine, but soon enough the last straw was drawn when Johann tried to love someone despite the warnings of his mother. Everything was supposed to be fine, The curse might have finally let him go, or so he thought--Until the girl found out he was a Zeon Remnant, Thanks to some nosy people whose souls were bound to the earth, He was Left for another, Broken and Lost from this incident was not enough he soon became the laughing stock of the town shortly.

However he took it silently and kept his head up, It seemed like he just brushed off the whole thing and then without one day without warning, without a word, Not even a good-bye.--Just killed everyone off without warning, young,old and children alike. And saving the woman he loved for last, he shot her but not killing her, leaving her to die while she wallowed in pain with the death of everyone around her. He has become the monster they always thought of him to be. He had accepted since, no matter what he will not be accepted by them. Thus now officially binding himself to the so-called curse of the OYW. Knowing the gravity of his actions, he fled while leaving his mother in a different far-off town, and joined a faction from many zeon remnants on earth as sanctuary and as a place where he can learn to destroy everything the Feddies stood for--Heck everything the Earthnoids stood for. He started as a ground troop, serving as ground troop scout and saboteur while being mentored by a certain Rap Goblin another blood-lustful person, until eventually reaching the right and rank to pilot a mobile suit. He spent the recent 5 years of his life participating in minor battles and raids, getting the hang of piloting Zeon suits as he used almost every suit the remnants faction he was in had for rotation and familiarization purposes. While still retaining his skill and use as a Ground unit scout.Soon the battle for Torrington Base came, It was their second big break,but his first due to him being unable to join the Neo Zeon Movement led by Char. However prior to the battle He had injured his right-eye, but that didn't stop him from joining his faction mates in bringing hell to the Federation soldiers and fought with one-eye closed. The battle was a supposed victory, until some unexplainable factors came to the plan, when the so-called "Split-Horn" betrayed their Trumph the Shamblo; They were forced to retreat in humiliating defeat. Now along with the few surviving members of his faction, he escapes along with other survivors from other factions. Finding a way to counter-attack.

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Re: Johann Rivers

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:03 am

Approved. Since you are allowed to use the lone Efreet Schneid in our team, I expect you to take care of it and not let it get shot down.

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