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Arcturus Durant- The swordsman of Zeon

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Arcturus Durant- The swordsman of Zeon

Post by bOZZ on Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:53 am

Name: Arcturus Durant

Age: 26

Birthday: March 5 UC70

Gender: Male

Height: 6'2

Weight: 166 lbs

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Blue/purple

Nationality/Race: Earthnoid follower of zeon

Allegiance: Zeon

Rank: Lieutenant

Personality and Background:
Personality- Arc believes that a disciplined mind, and body leads to a disciplined spirit. As such he trains for many hours a day. He is strict about the training regimen and insists his allies train in both the simulators as well as physically. He also enjoys games of strategy such as Chess, Shogi, and Go. Despite a childhood of abuse and a life of fighing Arc has a large hearty laugh that often can be heard when he is around. When by himself he will often play music on his flute that he keeps in his coat pocket or he will simply settle down with a book.

Arc considers the remnants his family since he has been with them since he was young. And will go to great lengths to protect them.

Background- Arc was nine when the OYW started At the time He was living with his aunt and uncle who abused him physically and mentally. Seeing his chance he used the war as an excuse to escape his abusive home. He stowed away aboard a Zeon ship It was several hours later that he was discovered and taking to the captain. When the captain saw the bruises he was at first angry that his men would do that and it was after Arc had told them his story that the captain feeling moved said he could stay on the ship if he made himself useful. So that was what Arc did he made himself useful as a a cabin boy on the ship. After the war ended Arc stayed with the crew on earth and watched as his friends fought a hopeless guerrilla war. What Arc most saw during this time was how oppressive the federation was and he grew angry at the federation believing Zeon While perhaps not having the right to rule they did have the right to govern themselves.

He stuck with His Adopted family even into the Gryps conflict. While his remnant group did not join Karabas they did do missions for the rebel group in exchange for much needed repairs and supplies. It was during this time that the sixteen year old Arc first began piloting Mobile suits to help bolster the groups Mobile suit team.

While his remnant group did support Haman during the neo zeon war other then a few hit and run missions they did nothing noteworthy. And his remnant group did not participate in Chars war due to the ship being repaired at the time. That is not to say that they have been inactive during this period. Even without a goal or cause his group kept up a low level of insurgence. Mostly to get supplies and food but sometimes it was just to remind the federation they existed.

At the age of fourteen Arc took up swordplay to gain discipline and to help him stay in shape it is currently one of his favorite pastimes with him training 3+ hours a day if he has the chance.

When word came of the joint Remnant Attack He had reservations about the Planned Assault on Torrington but he joined in the mission anyways to try and give his allies the best chance for victory.
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Re: Arcturus Durant- The swordsman of Zeon

Post by BOSS CHIEF on Tue Jan 24, 2012 5:40 am

Approved, wait for further announcements. Appointed as a Lieutenant of the Zeon Remnants.

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